Degrees of Help

We have come together to share resources
with each other -
    the air we breathe, the water we drink,
    the gifts of the earth,
    the food of the oceans.
We cannot share resources if we take them
    for our own.
If we hoard them, if we destroy them,
if we interfere with their growth,
if we determine their future thru our own
    action or inaction
    we are no longer sharing the planet with others.
We are claiming it for ourselves.

This is the origin of 'dominance,' the expansion
    of one at the expense of many.
And yet 'dominance' is a thing of the past.
It can only exist when there is a struggle
    of 'me' against 'you,'
when there is a need to believe in the 'survival
    of the fittest.'
This belief belongs to the past and to a
    different reality.
Today, there is no 'fittest' and no 'less fit.'
There are only degrees of help that we offer
    to each other from the same universal Heart
    that offers the gifts of life to each of us.
We live in and through these degrees of help.
And what we claim for ourselves in the way
of being more deserving of life and of wealth
    must concede its place to what we claim for all.
For all that lives is our domain of care.
We have come to share life with all that lives.
And the heart that beats within us,the heart
that is gaining strength in great measure,
    tells us that this is so.

For this is the time of the one Heart,
    the time in which all hearts serve that One.
And we are the instruments of that change,
    the change from individual possession out
    of fear and self-protection,
to non-possession but sharing all with all.
We are a shared life.
We belong to the Earth and it belongs to us
    in the way that deepest love creates belonging.
Let this be our legacy to the future, then,
    that what was raised in fear, and beheld
    itself in separation,
    shall henceforth know itself to be one with the One,
    shall henceforth call itself 'sacred humanity,'
the One becoming many,
the many becoming One.
– Julie of Light Omega –