The pain of the earth,
laid bare and warm in winter
   when there should be no warmth.
Amidst the pleasant exterior
   things are out of balance.

The earth says:
"for your own pleasure have you created this,
this warm weather which interrupts
the flow of My seasons,
seasons that have been created
to meet the needs of perfect habitat.

Do you think it makes no difference that
   the seasons have been interrupted?
It makes all the difference in the world
   to the many creatures who are also
   children of God who must find a
   new home and new means for gathering food.

All has been prepared for you to live in
   harmony with the rest,
and this warmth which feels so pleasant
is the appearance of harmony
   but not harmony itself.
It lulls you into believing that all will be well,
   and yet it is not well.
It is not well.

Awake, awake, beloved children of the earth,
   to the needs that cry out in this very moment.
Let the truth that lives within your own heart
   guide you.
Let all pretense vanish.
For the consequences of things out of balance
   have already begun and must continue
   until all is set right
   and My body and your body are known to be one.
– Julie of Light Omega –