The Well

Where shall we look for the way of Oneness?
We draw it up from our deeper selves
like a bucket of water from a deep, deep well,
    drawing it up to quench the thirst we
    did not even know was there,
the thirst for belonging,
for the sense of love that would allow us
to be at home in the world.

We draw up the sense of Oneness from the
hidden depths of our own being
where it has always been,
    waiting for us to find it,
    waiting for our longing to grow,
to reach past all that separates so that
we could discover our selves in love.

We do not have to learn this.
We do not have to become this.
We already belong to each other as we
belong to the earth that feeds us,
    to the stars that shine upon us,
    to the air we breathe,
    to the waters we bathe in.
We belong to these things and they to us.
We do not have to find them.
They are already there.

Yet, in our everyday awareness we must
take the step of giving up fear,
    of giving up protection,
for the holdout places of the heart
    are built on fear,
fear of losing something we have cherished,
fear of hoping too much for what cannot be.

The day calls us to the well of our own being.
It calls us to drink from this well,
    to find within it the nourishment that will
    feed our hearts and souls.
We may languish beside it.
We may sit for a while, unable to drink.
Yet, eventually the smell of cool water
    shall draw us to it,
it shall call us to quench the thirst
that has been with us forever,
the thirst for love beyond love
    in a world of peace.
– Julie of Light Omega –