Embrace of Love

Open the doors.
Let all who wish to enter come in.
Even the difficult ones can have a place,
a healing place, a loving place,
a place from which to grow into what they can be.

Embrace what is with all its limitations.
Help it to move forward.
This is the rule of love, to love each one as they are
in order to set free what they can become.

Make space, make space.
Make space for those who are hard to love.
Make space for those who have harmed
or been harmed.
All must be embraced by love, even when they
cannot return it.

The Heart of the Universe cries out to us
that all are deserving without exception.
Love does not seek judgment, it seeks extension.
It does not close doors.
It opens them.

Make space, make space.
Let the space be made within your heart so that
the embrace of love leaves no one out,
so that its currents of hope can enfold the world.
– Julie of Light Omega –