You Are My Beloved

Come to Me in the silence of your heart,
    in the innocence of your heart that
    longs to rest in My love for you.
Let doubt be put aside in the presence of Love.
Let the past disappear that the living
    present may become the only reality.

Reach, reach toward Me with your heart,
    for your heart knows the truth of My being,
    even if your mind does not.
Doubt cannot touch the truth of your heart.
It can cover but not change it.
Reach, reach, toward the truth of My being.
Do not let fear crowd your mind
    and cause you to be disbelieving.
For this vast Love is real and lives within you
    as your own deepest self.
I offer it to you eternally, for I Am and shall always be with you
    in the silence of that Love.
– Julie of Light Omega –