In the Oneness of love I join with thee,
not two but One in that which is greater.
I melt into the One, not losing myself
but finding myself as the empty spaces become filled in,
as the fullness that was sought is found.

I am no longer bounded by my own skin,
you there and I here,
for that which is holy moves through
all bodies creating a new Unity.
It moves easily through what appears as solid,
for it has always lived within the heart of the solid.
Suddenly, what was dark is lit,
what was opaque is radiant with new life,
with the only life, the life of the Oneness.

And we who have waited are fulfilled in that Oneness.
Not lost, but found.
Not fearful, but blessed.
Not diminished, but returned to that
which has always been our Home.
– Julie of Light Omega –