Forever Joined

Wherever I look there is only One,
    one Life, one Breath, one Holiness
    holding all.
This table is made of that Holiness,
this chair, this apple, this hand,
this droplet of water.
This arm by my side is also holy,
    difficult to feel when it is at rest,
yet, always part of my body,
part of the one Body, part of the one Life.

Your own arm, do you know how
    it feels when you are not moving it?
It is part of you at all times,
    yet, you are not conscious of its presence.
So, too, is the life of the Universe that you are
    part of, that is part of you.
You are in it and it is in you,
    as real as the table you sit by
    and the chair you sit on,
yet, unknown until it is known.

Open your senses.
Feel your cells yearning to breathe with new life -
foot -
every part of you in sacred union
with that which you live in,
with that which you move in,
forever joined in holiness.
– Julie of Light Omega –