There is a step that one may take
out of the confines of the past
into a hoped for future.    
For those who would,
it is like walking through a mist with
little visible ahead,
trusting the walking,
trusting the path beneath one's feet
that one cannot feel or see.

The body may know what the mind cannot.
The body walks, impelled by an inner need
to reach the destination,    
impelled by a need so strong that it cries
out to walk further,    
to keep walking blindly    
until one reaches the home of one's heart.

All who walk this path may come to know fear
and fearlessness,
for they both may be companions along the way.
Fear does not prevent the walking.
It may be carried by the body through
each step forward that is taken.

"Only God" the feet say.    
"Only God" the body says.    
"Only God" the voice of the heart declares.    
The mind surrenders to the inner imperative,
to the heart that demands to be victorious.
– Julie of Light Omega –