Child of the One

Come, weary traveler,
    come rest in My presence within you.
For I Am the source of rest
and hold all who pass through
the gates of time on the journey
    of discovery.
Come, let yourself be held and loved.
Abandon thoughts of being undeserving.
For there is no child of the Divine who
    is undeserving of love.
There is no one who is not part of Me.

You may have thought yourself to be small.
You may have thought yourself to be insignificant.
Yet, the Divine flame within you that can
    never be extinguished always makes a
It lights the way for others even if you
    cannot feel it.
It illuminates the world even if you cannot see it.

Abandon thoughts of being unworthy, then,
    for you have always lived in my Heart
    as My precious child.
The world would not be the same without you.
The universe would not be the same without you.
Your gift to life is not measured by what you
    do but by who you are - the bearer of the flame
    of the One.

This is my message, Beloved,
    from the Heart that you and I share:
Be assured that you are forever held in that Heart,
    that no matter what pains
    you experience in life,
    they are known and cared for by My love.
You may not feel this.
You may not know this.
Yet, know that no matter what you go through
    or have gone through,
I Am with you forever, intimately, tenderly,
and deeply loving you.
– Julie of Light Omega –