I Am You

I am always You. I am forever You.
There is nothing that happens to me
that can be separate from who You are
and how You are.

As the Earth changes, I am part of
her changing.
As she struggles to heal herself,
I am part of her pain as well.
I am her renewal as she absorbs the new light
that has entered her,
and I will continue to be her
as more come to know that I AM YOU
applies to the Earth as well.

When anyone asks you what will happen
in the future,
what consciousness, what awareness,
point them in the direction of I AM YOU.

This is the new and sacred consciousness
It is arriving for all people, everywhere.

It is arriving at the twelfth hour
on the shores of those islands
and in the life of those coral reefs
whose very survival depends upon I AM YOU.
– Julie of Light Omega –