Oh precious mind that has had
    such a role to play in life on Earth,
now, you must cede your power to the heart,
    for the heart to interpret what was once
    your exclusive domain.
Your children, children of the mind,
    are growing now,
    and are finding their deeper being
    in a place where words do not matter,
    where only inner knowing matters.

Oh beloved heart,
    you have waited patiently
    for God's plan to reveal itself
    so that children of the mind
    could become children of the heart.
Now, that time has arrived,
    and the soul of each one
    shall determine life on Earth and not
    the beliefs of the past.
These shall be shed like a skin that
    molts and is no longer attached to the body.
In the same way old beliefs shall disappear,
    and the new values of the soul shall become
    the ways in which all shall live.
Thus, the life of the mind shall assume its
    rightful place as helpmate to all that is holy,
    and the life of the sacred shall live once again
    upon the Earth.
– Julie of Light Omega –