Seven Days of Sabbath

In the days to come each day of the week
    shall be a Sabbath,
for Sabbath shall no longer be a property of a day
    but a property of the heart,
and the life of the heart shall
govern the days that are given to reverence
    and holiness.

Monday shall be about surrender,
Tuesday about praise,
Wednesday shall belong to the Breath of Life,
Thursday shall expand compassion,
Friday shall teach us to be One with all,
Saturday shall return us to innocence,
Sunday shall bestow upon us knowledge of
    our eternal being,
never to be parted from again.

Such shall be the days of Sabbath
    that fill the life of the heart.
Each shall be called a day of holiness.
Each shall be called God's day.
Each shall teach us the ways of Life
    that we may live
    as a people holy to God.

Baruch shem k'vod malchuso l'olam va'ed.
Blessed is the Name whose glorious kingdom
is forever and ever.

– Julie of Light Omega –