Eternal Sun

Come, my Beloved, walk with me.
We shall find the places to go that
    are illumined by the light of the Holy.
Each of us has a part to play,
    intertwined with all others.
Each of us has a gift to give that
    cannot be felt but in its giving.
Come and breathe with me,
breathe in the Breath of the One that
infuses all that we do.
For there is no doing apart from this Breath.
There is only the divine Oneness
    that infuses all,
seeking to bring action to its highest
expression, yet sometimes limited
by the channel it flows through.
Still, small or full,
all action is an expression
    of the one Breath.

Come, my Beloved, let us share together
    in the bounty of life.
Let us weep together for those who feel
    cut off from this bounty.
Let us give to each other out of that Love that
is one with all, that excludes no one -
that love that shines like the rays of an
eternal Sun that blesses and
    shines upon all.
– Julie of Light Omega –