The Soul of a Nation

We are an unfinished nation,
    filled with unknown possibilities.
There is no part of democracy that is finished,
    for it expands infinitely to accompany
    the evolution of consciousness of its participants.
For democracy to evolve, there must be participants -
those who hold the awareness of the new
    that is trying to come into being.

The new - what is the new?
It is the soul of the nation seeking access
    to the everyday life of a people.
It is the spirit of a nation desiring
    to elevate the discourse of those who
    seek to govern.
It is the love of a people for the spiritual truths
    that live at the heart and core of the
    collective Being.
For this is the soul of the nation -
the core values of the collective Being that is One.

This collective Being is not its history,
    though it includes that.
It is not its current dilemmas, though it
    includes that.
It is, in essence, the Divine mandate that
the One who holds All has given to this nation
    to bring into being for the benefit of all.
This mandate is the light of truth of the sacred.
It is the Divine Presence that is meant to
    inhabit the halls of knowledge
    and the halls ofgovernment.
This Divine Presence has long been absent
    from the halls of knowledge and
    the halls of government.
It has been absent and it has been exiled
as men and women feared that
some would be empowered by it
and others excluded.
This belief has created an arbitrary separation
between the spiritual and the physical,
between the spiritual and the political.
For the Divine Presence is not about belief
    but about heart and love.
It is not about religion but about the
    Oneness of all.
It is not about obedience to a doctrine
    but about the principle of stewardship
of the Earth and her resources and of
    all those activities that constitute public life.

The Divine Presence is in the air we breathe.
It is spiritual air that conveys the meaning
    of the sacred to each soul who participates
    in shaping the nation's future.
We, who are here today, are the bearers
    of this nation's future.
We carry the sacred as an offering
    to human consciousness and to
    the consciousness of America.
We offer it not to a group, or community,
or class, or political persuasion,
but to all.
For the sacred belongs to all as a way of life.

May the vision of the sacred future of America
    become the vision of her leaders,
    and may the hearts of her people
    open to this vision as they long for what can be.
All is prepared for the Divine Presence
to enter the consciousness of a nation and to
become its strength and its foundation.
May all help be given to the purposes of
this emergence, and to the light of truth
that can bring it about.
– Julie of Light Omega –