New Vision

Let us take down the walls that separate us.
Let us hold hands into the future.
Let what has been fear and self protection
dissolve as the morning mist when the
sun rises to warm the land.
Let all that is holy infuse us now,
knowing that we are One,
learning that we are One.

May my hands give to you the comfort
that you seek.
May my lips speak words that are of peace.
May my heart offer to you the fullness of
what flowers within me,
the closest love, the dearest affection,
the knowledge that we are One.
Here is the new vision, the new hope,
the new dream,
that there is only one Life and we
breathe it in with every breath we take,
letting it shape us,
letting it move us,
letting it become the expression of our soul.
– Julie of Light Omega –