Your Body Calling for Light

O beloved one,
if you only knew how hungry
your body is for light,
you would treat it with reverence
and with the care it is asking for.
For it is not only the food
that you put into your body
that prevents the light from nurturing you
as it desires to do, and as it is meant to do.
It is also the emotions that you put
into your body that become a heaviness
that cannot easily be penetrated by light.
Purify your emotions, then, beloved one.
Let this diet of emotions be consecrated
to the purposes of your own soul
and your own body, which is
the vessel of your sacred consciousness.
Your soul has taken embodiment
in order to express itself fully through
your physical body.
Revere it, purify it.
Free yourself of the emotions that are
causing you to go hungry,
and be blessed by the light that is
rightfully yours.
– Julie of Light Omega –