What Shall We Teach Our Children?

What shall we teach our children
of this precious Earth,
and of the sacredness of life,
and of the holiness of the Universe?
What shall we say to them of the One
who has created all things and who
lives within them?
We shall find the words that are
of our heart,
the words that we have known
from the beginning.
These words have resided within our soul,
waiting to find a voice to speak them,
waiting to find our voice.
We shall glorify through these words
and give thanks for the gift of existence,
and shall teach our children
to give back of gratitude and love
through their honoring of the sacred.
We shall speak of the holy,
and it shall become an everyday
part of our life
as our daily routines are,
and as our hopes for our children are.
We shall teach through respect and honoring,
through kindness and compassion,
through taking nothing for granted,
through praise and through gratitude.
All that lives and breathes shall recognize
the Divine Oneness,
and our children shall know, through us,
that all of life is holy,
all of life is a song of Creation
sung endlessly
to the Creator.
– Julie of Light Omega –