Testimony of Love

Bring to Me what you have given
to the Earth,
not what you have taken
from the Earth
in the way of provision, food, or shelter.
Bring to Me the small sacrifice
you have made
that the Earth may be healed and flourish.
Bring to Me the thoughts of care
that you have held in your heart,
wondering what more you could
give to My precious Earth
of which you are a part,
as she is part of you.
Bring to Me the letting go that
you have done
of habits that have not been careful,
but that have dismissed My precious Earth
as unfeeling or as an object.
When you have brought these things to Me,
they will be for you a sign and
testimony that you are coming to know
my Body which is the Earth,
and my Heart which is reflected in all of life.
This knowledge will bless you,
for you will no longer feel alone,
but one with all that loves.
You will know yourself to be love.
– Julie of Light Omega –