Church of the Soul

There is a sacred church that lives
when hearts come together in love.
This church has no religion, nor name,
nor point of origin upon the Earth,
but comes directly from the Source of life,
and lives within each heart that lives.
This is the Church of the Soul.
Its domain is everywhere,
and its membership, everyone.
It includes all temples and mosques,
all synagogues and forms of worship.
Its location is the Heart of love,
and its purpose - to share this Heart with all.
Within this holy church
one may find food for the soul,
upliftment for the heart,
comfort for the weary.
The love that flows through the Universe
can be found here,
and it vibrates in every moment
to a Divine harmonic.
This church has no doors and no exclusions,
but is open to all who wish to enter.
For it is the heart that finds its place here,
and it is the heart that joins
with all other hearts
to uphold the world.
– Julie of Light Omega –