Gestures of Love

Love does not always come in words,
but in the shape of the hands
that make a pie,
or a dish that is filled
with the substance of love,
where words are not lacking,
but felt in the careful blending of spices
that please the heart and enliven the senses.
Love speaks in this way,
through the gestures of touch,
and the movements of the hands
that knead the dough,
and measure the seasoning,
and spread the oil,
and offer the result as a humble gift.
These gestures of love are around us
in many places,
hidden in the crevices of our daily life,
often ignored as we look
for something larger.
Yet, if truth be told,
the smallest gesture, made with love,
can contain within itself
a movement of the heart that exceeds words,
that partakes of a love
that knows no limit,
a love as profound as the heart itself.
– Julie of Light Omega –