The Building of a Nation

The building blocks of a nation
are the hearts of her people,
and the goals they aspire to,
and the ways they choose to live.

A nation is not built on technology,
but on the uses to which technology is put,
and on the values that are placed around it.

A nation is not built on aggregated wealth,
but on the uses to which wealth is put,
and on the distribution of wealth
as it supports the greater good of its people.

All nations rise and fall upon the
pillar of values they hold
concerning the ways in which respect for life
is demonstrated,
for this determines the way in which
human beings relate to each other,
and the way they relate to the
non-human environment in which they live.

A nation is not a building,
but a living organism whose life is sustained
by the lives of her people,
whose breath moves freely
when the resources of the nation
are shared by all.
This includes the resource of love
which lies at the foundation of a nation,
and gives to its heart
a caring for the wellbeing of its citizens
that is so necessary to the vitality of a people.

Let this be the testimony, then,
of the ways in which a nation
must come into being,
not through force, but through the heart
that joins people together,
not through seduction or bribery,
but through the real wealth that lives
in the deeper strata of the human heart.

When a nation’s heart is strong,
then that nation is secure.
When a nation’s values are firmly embedded
in its people,
then its structure shall stand.

This is the way of creating a nation,
as it is written throughout time,
and all nations that follow this way
shall find, in their endeavors,
that they are greatly blessed.
– Julie of Light Omega –