Ocean of Time

Time flows in an action of ceaseless motion
across a vast expanse of sea.
We swim in the Ocean of the Beloved,
not knowing we are swimming,
not knowing that it is moving us toward the shore
of our belonging.
When obstacles appear, we may not perceive
a flow at all.
Yet, the currents of change are always
stirring within us,
waiting to become visible.
Our hearts yearn for this visible change,
for the assurance of transition,
even as currents beneath the surface
are bringing us to the place we seek.

All of time is an embrace of the Beloved,
the fluid substance of a love so vast
that it ordained the end in the beginning,
that through our movement in the Ocean of Time,
through the currents and waves
that we swim in,
the shore would be found that is
our destiny and home.
– Julie of Light Omega –