In Our Hands

In our hands are the gestures of releasing,
of giving, of reaching, of taking, of holding,
of working, of speaking, of clinging,
of embracing.
All this we do with our hands,
not by chance, and yet not with thought.
For in our hands are the motions of our soul,
the lives we have lived,
the wounds we have endured,
the fears we have faced,
and those that remain to be faced.
In our hands is the life of our bodies,
why we are here,
how we are here,
where we have been, where we are going.

Let our eyes, therefore, notice the hands that
greet us and that pass us by.
Let us revere and celebrate the uniquely
precious and individualized expression
of the spirit in the body.
For we are the gifts of Creation,
given to each other in our hearts,
our minds, our bodies, and our hands.
We are the gifts of Creation,
each to the other in a gesture of blessing.
– Julie of Light Omega –