Table of Oneness

It can be most difficult to see past opinion
    to the being within.
It can try the mind that is accustomed
    to responding to persons as beliefs.
Let go of this illusion, beloved one.
Beliefs are not persons.
They are thoughts acquired through
    time, culture, upbringing,
    and emotional need.
Let go of division that the mind creates,
    for rancor, contempt, and judgment
    are the tools of that which
    would prevent love from expanding.
Let go of division,
    and seek the place within that knows love,
    that feels love.
In that place lies compassion for those
    who hold false beliefs
    while believing them to be true,
    seeking the same goals through these
    that your own heart seeks.
These souls, too, must have a place
    at the Table of Oneness.
Even these must be nourished
    by your love.
– Julie of Light Omega –