Protect My Waters

In response to the Dakota Access Pipeline protests
led by the Standing Rock Sioux Tribe, No. Dakota

“What shall you do to protect My waters?”
says the Oneness.
“What shall you do when it appears
there are only two choices,
human need and the needs of the Earth?
Shall you continue to see these in opposition?
Shall you continue to rape and pillage my sacred
Body for your own ease or your own profit?
Or shall you realize that to wound my Body
is to wound your own;
to sully the purity of My waters
is to sully the purity of your own.
For you are part of Me and I of you,
and what you take from my sacred Body
shall be a loss to you in great measure.

Take heed, beloved ones. Take heed.
For my Body is your Body,
and there shall be the recognition
of all that has happened through your own hands.
Take heed, and be blessed by the abundance
of My sacred Earth.
For my Body wishes to nourish you in all ways,
and when you take from Me
or despoil My purity,
you take from yourself and from
all generations that shall be."
– Julie of Light Omega –