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It is characteristic of the time we are in that life appears to be very complicated, very stressful, with not enough time to do all that is needed.  This is the portrayal of life out of balance, life not in tune with the Divine flow that is capable of moving through all, creating harmony, creating order, creating simplicity.


The absence of the perception of Divine flow is not the fault of any individual.  It is the signature of a world that has departed sufficiently from the sense of the sacred that one lives according to the expectations of others, according to needs that are unmet for the very basics of survival, and according to a sense of pressure that does not allow human beings to bring forth their essential humanity in much of daily life.


Divine flow, which is God’s life manifesting through time and space, is harmony itself.  It allows for the rightful expression of what needs to be done when it needs to be done, and allows each consciousness to sense what it is being pulled toward when it no longer needs to create its own mind-based agenda.


Personal agendas have become the keynote of a separated life, of a life that does not presume that the greatest gift is to attune to the Divine intelligence that runs the universe and keeps the stars and planets in perfect relationship to each other.  This Divine intelligence creates order in the universe and is capable of creating order within each individual life.  Its foundation is harmony, and out of this harmony one can readily develop a life that is simple and that manifests the beauty of the soul.


Many people today live without a sense of harmony.  Many are so beset with survival issues due to unmet needs that there is perpetual anxiety which does not allow for harmony or for simplicity.  In its place, fear is created and a sense of being immensely vulnerable.  These feelings are based on the shift in social awareness away from the sacred and also away from the recognition that ‘I am my brother’s keeper’.  The latter consciousness recognizes that there must be no one who is left unattended, no one who is struggling to survive on their own.


Economic factors based on the secularization of society and the loss of the sacred have created isolation and hardship for many individuals and for many communities.  Therefore, it is not easy, at this time, for most to see how their lives could become simpler, or how harmony could prevail.


Yet, the Divine flow, beloved one, is not based on externals, however difficult or complex these might be.  It is based on an inner state of readiness to give one’s life to God and to let God orchestrate the flow of life.  It is also based on needing less and on recognizing this for oneself and others. Finally, it is based on being aligned within oneself so that one’s inner state can resonate with Divine harmony without the predominance of inner tension or conflict.


There can be no harmony in the presence of conflict.  There can be no harmony in the presence of oppositional forces which create conflict and fear.  Without these, harmony would manifest on the physical plane because it is the nature of Divine life.  It is what allows all the ecosystems of the Earth to work together.  It is what allows the planetary systems and galaxies to hold their relationship to all that surrounds them, even while they are growing and changing.  Divine order, harmony, and simplicity are parts of Divine life, and it is this life that is awaiting the new consciousness of humanity.


This new consciousness will manifest with the understanding that God is real.  It will also manifest with the understanding that I cannot live in peace if you do not.  Finally it will manifest with the clear perception that each one’s actual needs are simpler than they have appeared, and that what has passed for need is often fear-based, generating the desire to have greater security through objects, persons, and various other kinds of external symbols.


Within the Divine flow, life is not out of balance.  One’s heart, infused with light, becomes attuned to an understanding of where to go next and what is needed now.  Life becomes simpler.


You are being called, beloved one, to this Divine life.  You are being called to let go of all the things you think you need and to ask God to show you what you really need.  You are being called to release your own personal agenda which is often based on anxiety, to God’s Divine agenda which interconnects your life with all around you.


You, beloved, are the repository of that which would flow through you if you could allow it – if you could release fear, breathe, and allow Divine flow to come into you.  It would not have to happen all at once, but its presence would convey to your inner knowing a sense of greater ease and simplicity, and no matter what you were doing, greater peace would be present.


Blessed is this time of turning, for the Divine flow of sacred life is now accessible to all who seek it, and the new consciousness which will permit this transition  is already being born.  Therefore, be blessed, and allow your life to become simple.  You are already there within your inner being.  You are already there because you exist on the Earth at this time.  Receive the gifts of this time, then, and open the doors that will allow peace and harmony to flow to you.   May your journey be blessed.



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