Mandala of Harmony and Balance

Earth and her inhabitants becoming light.

The higher and the lower joining.



Julie of Light Omega

There is a gravitational force, similar to that which affects our bodies, that affects our consciousness.  This force influences the way in which we view reality.  It exists in relation to physical reality as a whole, and it pulls us toward a focus on the physical plane like a vortex that draws the eye, the mind, and the attention in a particular direction.


The pull of physical reality acts like a gravitational force upon our psyche, determining to a large degree what we pay attention to, what we think is real, and what we value in life.  It gives weight to certain attributes of physical reality, and less weight to that which is more ephemeral or invisible.


There is another force that we may call 'spiritual gravity' that also exerts a pull on us in the opposite direction.  At a certain point in our development it commands our attention and asks us to view the invisible with the same attention and 'weight' as we have previously viewed the physical world.  'Spiritual gravity' as a force is no less real than the pull exerted by physical gravity.  It acts upon the psyche as an incessant call toward the Invisible, and as we draw nearer to the source of this call, it becomes stronger.


There are those for whom the physical gravitational force is much stronger than the spiritual, and this includes most of the world.  There are also those for whom the pull of spiritual gravity is as strong as the pull of physical gravity, and souls that experience the two as equally weighted are often in a dilemma about which pull to recognize when decisions need to be made or a particular circumstance in life responded to.  At times, the pull of these two gravitational forces can cause distress for the one who feels equally pulled by the two, unable to decide for one point of view or the other.  Such indecision can only be resolved through patience and  through spiritual growth which shifts the balance of weight from the physical to the spiritual.


Those for whom spiritual gravity is the primary force operating in consciousness have an easier time in certain ways and a harder time in others.  For while inwardly they may feel comfortable and at home with the invisible multidimensional world of the Spirit, the difference between spiritual gravity which pulls them like a magnet in one direction and the physical world which pulls most others in a different direction can produce an acute state of loneliness.


This dilemma of dual forces, physical gravity and spiritual gravity pulling consciousness in two different directions, can only truly be resolved by the recognition that the two are not separate but are one.  When this consciousness dawns and to the extent that it dawns, one becomes comfortable within one's own skin and way of looking at things without needing others to confirm one's point of view.  At the same time, since spiritual reality is perceived as all that is, being the foundation of the physical world as well, loneliness disappears in the growing capacity to relate to all others as souls, irrespective of how they perceive themselves. When all of life is seen in this way as Divine, loneliness is replaced by the sense of union with the life within all.


The movement of union of the physical and spiritual worlds has no timetable, but arrives according to each soul's readiness to move in this direction.  As a collective humanity, all beings are now becoming ready to shift into this point of view, to join the physical gravitational pull with the spiritual so that there is no longer a separation.  It is for this reason that souls have taken embodiment at this time – to accomplish this step forward in spiritual development not only for oneself and one's own personal growth, but as a contribution to the wellbeing of the Earth and her inhabitants.  Each soul who moves in this direction acts as a blessing for the entire Earth.



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