Smoke rising - The healing power of aroma

The healing power of aroma affects both

body and consciousness

Julie of Light Omega

Fragrances have been part of human experience for as long as man has lived within physical form and interacted with the physical environment. The emanations from the bodies of things, even when these bodies did not exist at the level of density that they are at present, reflect the energies of their spiritual nature as well as their spiritual and healing properties. 

The energies emitted by the aroma of a particular substance exist along a spectrum that is similar to that of sound and light – one that was known to the ancients and awaits rediscovery during modern times.  To the ancients, the aromas that emanated from herbs, plants, and healing objects could be used for good purposes as part of the power of the spell that was cast, or the potion that was made, to heal the one in need. In the world of today, the use of fragrances in aromatherapies and other forms of healing are recovering this ancient knowledge concerning smell and aroma.

The art of aromatherapy, as well as other healing arts that relate to the use of plant essences, are coming into prominence again today as the veil between dimensions of consciousness becomes thinner, and access to soul-knowledge that one had at an earlier time becomes available again.  This greater accessibility of stored soul-information is bringing ancient healing perspectives back into the forum of human exploration and consciousness, and will do so to an even greater degree as the veil between dimensions continues to thin.

Today, essences of eucalyptus, sandalwood, rose, lavender, and chamomile, to name just a few, are often used in aroma healing and also to create essential oils whose properties have a healing effect.  The catalytic properties of all such essences affect the body in different ways - some to energize, activate, and charge the body or particular portions of it, and some to soothe or limit the over-activity of different organs or areas of functioning where activity needs to be slowed down. 

The power of aroma emerges from its relationship to the way in which odor or smell is infused into the body simply by breathing.  Because no additional effort is needed, it becomes an easy avenue to use as a healing aid.  Indeed, each of our senses is miraculously designed in a similar way, to interact easily and naturally with the surrounding environment so that the interface between the physical body and the natural world can maintain the human organism at the highest level of functioning when aligned properly, with respect for the relationship between man and nature.  One need only to look, in order to see, to listen, in order to hear, to breathe in order to smell, to touch in order to feel.  These are the simple body mechanics built into the creation of the human being, and within each area of experience lies a world of possibility for interacting on an energy level with full consciousness of the healing potency of doing so.

The fact that this has only happened to a limited extent, thus far, is due to both the stage of awakening that collective consciousness is presently at, but also to the collective fear that has caused contemporary man to believe that current medical and scientific perspectives, which in many ways disconnect themselves from the organic harmony of the natural world, provide the greatest degree of health for the physical organism and security for the psyche.  Such a perspective is a stage in the development of our true relationship with the natural world, for within this relationship lives all that is needed in order to maintain the body and mind in a state of wellbeing. 

It is because the earth and all her gifts, and humanity and the human soul are matched to each other, that this is true.  Together were they created, and for this reason the potentiality for expanding awareness of resources that the earth has always provided exists now.  It is a matter of the awareness of man becoming once again reunited with the awareness of the earth as a sacred being and a spiritual home, and of the sense of intimacy with all living things being reawakened so that their essentially spiritual nature becomes real again to modern consciousness.



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