Amethyst Crystals

Within the gem's structure, an imprint of the Divine.




Julie of Light Omega

The healing properties of gems have been known for millennia.  These gifts from the earth are capable of focusing a single Divine quality within their cellular structure.  Due to the concentration of that quality, those energy currents that are incompatible with it or opposite to it can be brought into focus and released, much as a fever is released as the body heals from an illness.

The healing power of gems resides within their crystalline structure - a structure which can be charged with the higher potency of Divine light so that a gem will be empowered to do its work of healing.  Within the gem's structure lies an entire world of relationships and movement on a subatomic level that carry the imprint of Divine activity focused within the realm of matter.  If a gem's properties, for example, involve the healing of systems that have become out of balance – producing too much of one kind of substance and not enough of another – 'gems of balance' contain within themselves the vibratory currents that attract 'balance' and that repel imbalance, chaos, or disorderliness of any kind.  Similarly, if a gem's properties involve the creation of non-reflective joy, that is, joy that does not depend on any thought process or any event in order that it occur, then that gem will contain currents that repel incompatible energies such as depression, anxiety, or fear, all of which are antithetical to the gem's central essence.

There are gems that affect moods and gems that affect soul qualities, bringing them more into focus and enhancing them.  There are gems that heighten the properties of mind so that it becomes more clear and focused, and gems that heighten qualities of intuition so that a deepening sense of truth can be known.  All of the healing properties of gems reside within their crystalline structure and, when charged and infused by light, can activate an energy field of considerable potency which can be used as a healing force in life.

In ancient times, these forces were commonly known to and used by healers.  However, as the light diminished on the earth, the knowledge of the healing properties of gems went into dormancy, for the most part being treated as legend or fantasy, as did the capacity for activating the gems' highest potentiality, due to an absence of the concentrated light needed to produce a current of sufficient potency. For both reasons, the effect of gem healing became minimized compared to what it had been in the more distant past.

Today, due to the advent of greater light on the earth, healing through the use of gems will reappear as a field of study in a more widespread way.  The ability to focus light for purposes of healing will once again become known to practitioners who are skillful in this area, and the effective potency of greater light on the earth will more easily concentrate itself into the capacity to charge gems with the needed power to enable them to do their work.

This use of materials that are part of the earth for purposes of healing is not accidental, but has been incorporated into the plan for Creation and is part of the essential abundance of a sacred earth.  There are many more such attributes of the earth's healing capacity that will become known to mankind once the light reveals their presence, and their expanded ability to be used to create human good will once again link Divine providence and blessing, expressed through the earth's gifts, with the human soul, in a more profound and tangible way than has been felt by  the bulk of humanity since the disappearance of sacred consciousness a long time ago.    


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