The Colorsr of Music

The Colors of Music



Julie of Light Omega

It has been known for a long time that music has healing properties.  Even for the unsophisticated and untutored in terms of the structure of music, many find their way to the particular sound that soothes, uplifts, strengthens, and heals.  This growing awareness has been with us for the past fifty years or so, and there is still more that music has to offer as a pathway to Divine consciousness.

For one thing, the general perception of music as a series of sound waves that travel through the air at a particular rate of speed, while correct, limits the perception of what actually is taking place.  The harmonics of music are tuned to what may be called 'spiritual harmonics' in precise ways, with certain harmonic intervals having more of a capacity to link with their spiritual counterparts than others, and other harmonic intervals that veer in the other direction.  When the physical component of music becomes aligned in the fullest possible way with the higher vibrational components to which it is attuned, music has the capacity to transport us to other dimensions, and, literally, to open the door to other realities.

That this has not happened to a large extent yet is primarily due to the fact that we are still limited in terms of 'hearing' a broader ranger of frequencies than normally register within the human auditory system.  Generally, we are accustomed within a particular culture to hear a certain range of sounds with which we are familiar, and to either tune out or to not register others.  This varies greatly from culture to culture and also has something to do with the degree of spiritual refinement that has taken place on a soul level.  When one is open to the higher vibrations of sound, then listening to music can be a profound spiritual experience as well as one that creates beauty on the physical level.

The music of the spheres, for example, is a resonant pattern that is established within the higher realms in which sound and spiritual energy find themselves in greatest attunement, and the sounds produced by such joining have a much greater capacity to affect the soul than what has thus far been able to be created upon the earth.  This, however, will not always be the case.  For as mankind increasingly learns to attune to the higher spiritual vibrations, the celestial music that is as much breath as it is sound, as much light as it is sound, will penetrate the physical dimension and make itself known to the listener.

There are those, today, who are gifted, musically, who sense their own unique pattern of resonance with particular qualities of sound and who gravitate toward this quality or pattern, no matter what degree its popularity or unpopularity within a culture.  This type of gravitation is what draws those who are musically gifted toward a particular form of expression, and for some, what initially began as the exercise of an interest, talent or skill, eventually turns into a spiritual journey.

In the future, mankind will express creatively in many more ways than are presently possible, and those who are attuned to music will be so not only because of its sensory qualities on the human level, but also because of its spiritual qualities on the higher levels which inform and infuse it.  At such time, those who pursue the path of creativity that opens musically will be led both spiritually and physically to open to the joining of the two dimensions, and as a result, what comes through to the physical world  will be a harmonic of great beauty that will be entirely new.


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