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The Spiritual Process of Incarnation

Julie of Light Omega

When it is recognized by human beings that all of life is sacred, partaking of a Divine origin, then it will become impossible to justify the taking of human life for any purpose, even when that life is unknown or undetermined, and even when that life, through the use of free-will, has committed acts against its own humanity.


The taking of life for any reason has been considered wrong by many on the religious right of the political spectrum, and by many others who are less sure of their point of view concerning abortion and a woman's right to make choices concerning her own body. Yet here, as with so many other controversies that claim to be about physical matter or physical events, the truth of what it means to 'take life' lies in a gray zone of individual accountability and individual interaction on the energy level and on the soul level with the soul of the being who is about to take birth or is beginning to take birth.


The story of incarnation from the soul level of being to the physical level is a process, not a momentary event, and where a soul is in this process can only be determined on an individual level, some souls choosing to incarnate more fully at the time of conception or during the early months of pregnancy, and some souls waiting till long after physical birth to fully inhabit the physical body that has already arrived on the plane of matter. This cannot be known except through contact on the soul level, and through awareness that the incarnating soul at the time of conception is already initiating contact, for there is no physical event that does not have its origin in consciousness and in intent.


A soul chooses to take birth, accompanied by the choice on the soul level of the parents, or in some cases the mother alone, and in rarer instances of the father, who will bring that soul into physical embodiment in the case of the mother, or nurture and raise it in the case of the father. By virtue of the contact that is made at the time of conception and progressively thereafter, the soul begins to mix its energy with that of the higher energy bodies of the mother, which is why many mothers-to-be have intuitions, dreams, or visions concerning the child that is to come. This is due to the fact that on an energy level, along with the DNA, a stream of consciousness is already beginning to be laid down that is alerting the mother's awareness of the incoming presence. This is not to say that a physical being could actually exist, based on this early interchange, or even that the full consciousness of the one who is to come is present. Yet it is a significant factor in making a decision about terminating pregnancy, for such termination often leaves energetic residues in the higher energy bodies of the mother, who may feel at a much later date that she has lost or left behind something that was very valuable to her. Such a feeling can exist even when there has been no conscious desire to bear a child, and no apparently practical way of doing so at the time. The energetic residue of the original interchange can create a longing that begins to be felt in later years, for something that was not completed.


Each incarnation of an incoming soul is unique, however, and the degree of energetic imprinting varies from individual to individual and from soul to soul. What is true, however, is the principle that nothing physical can take place that does not have its origins in intention and consciousness. This must be remembered when considering the adoption of any physical procedure, but especially one that creates effects on the soul level.


In relation to the history of debate concerning abortion and the various conditions under which it may be justifiable, the emotional and physical well-being of the mother and sometimes of both parents must be considered with respect to decisions about terminating a pregnancy. However, often the emotional uncertainty, indecision, and even of turmoil that can surround such a decision is an important part of a learning process whose origins exist at the spiritual level, the decision to become pregnant not really being an 'accident,' but rather a process or encounter that takes place in order that the mother-to-be learn something about her own emotions and needs, her relationship to her own body, and her feelings and perceptions concerning the nature of life.


What we as a society need to support, therefore, is not 'pro-life' or 'pro-choice' as a political position, but the spiritualizing of the whole area of sexuality and reproduction so that the sexual arena which can result in pregnancy becomes infused by the awareness of the meaning and responsibility of pregnancy. This needs to happen within the consciousness of young people long before an actual pregnancy takes place. 


What we as a society also need to support is the development of greater options for sustaining and providing for the life of children whose parent or parents cannot raise them, through an adoptive process that is more humane, more love-filled, and more accessible to the entire community of hearts that wishes to provide for all children.


Finally and most importantly, what we as a society need to support is the spiritual understanding that we have a responsibility not only to ourselves and our own plans for life, but to other souls on this plane of experience and beyond, including the souls of the children we are to bring into the world. Such a responsibility is a sacred one, and it cannot be abridged by a decision to terminate a pregnancy, even though this may end the physical manifestation of a particular event. Our sacred relationship with other souls must be recognized and must become a way of life for us as we endeavor to create a society in which we love and nurture the wellbeing of all.



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