Souls are individualized to a high degree.

Each one radiates its own unique beauty.


Julie of Light Omega

The sacred body that is the vessel for human life on Earth is part of the Divine. It is part of God's body in manifestation.

Beyond even being a gift of the Divine, it is in each cell, molecule, and atom of its structure a flow of Divine energy, the energy of its creation and of its sustenance.  One day it will be impossible to not treat the body as sacred, for it will be known, and felt, and realized that to treat the body as a 'thing,' to allow it to be treated harshly or indifferently or with lack of care, is to abstain from that love for God that lives in the soul as its eternal being and essence.  In that day there will be no possibility of turning away from that love, for it will be seen that the love of the self for the One and the love of the One for each part of Creation is the very reason for existence, the very foundation of existence.   


Till that day comes, we move in concentric circles around the perception of the body as sacred, inching our way toward the center, toward the deepest knowing of this truth, even while forces of habit, illusion, and darkness pull us away from acting in ways that are consistent with it.  We subscribe to poor habits of self care. We do not nourish the body with pure food.  We treat the body, especially when its physical limitations are pronounced as a burden that we must carry around, sometimes willingly, often unwillingly or in protest.  Yet, in the midst of this, a deeper part of ourselves knows that the body is sacred, that it is part of the Unity that is God.


As we move ever closer to union with the sacred truth of our own physical being, we can deal most effectively with that which pulls us away from this truth by a Divine formula whose three aspects are all parts of love and caring.  These aspects, even while we have not yet fully embraced the body as sacred, can nevertheless move us along the way.  These three aspects of Divine and human love that we can accord our bodies are: consistency, commitment, and choice.


We are, if anything, less than consistent most of the time in what we set out to do in relation to our bodies.  Often, we know what is right and what would benefit our greater health and wellbeing. Yet, our motivation is ephemeral rather than consistent. When we have the energy we apply our goals to our current behavior. When we feel badly or experience greater fatigue, we excuse ourselves from being consistent and embrace an easier way than the one that consistency offers.


Commitment  is the foundation of consistency.  We commit ourselves to that which we love.  We commit ourselves to a person, an ideal, a goal, all of which we hold in our hearts as a deeply felt Good.  The deepest commitment is of the soul toward God, toward the One, for this commitment is the basis for existence itself.  It is the love of the Creator for Creation and the love of Creation for the Creator. Yet, we often diminish this love by focusing on other things as if they were more important.  In the process, we abandon our commitment to take care of our bodies and our lives, to come back to these when we have more energy or more time.


Choice is the exercise of the freedom inherent to our soul.  In each moment no matter what we do, we are choosing to act or to not act. We are choosing to allow something to matter or to gain our attention, or are choosing something else to matter or to gain our attention.  Where we place our conscious focus is a fundamental choice of our human experience, and it is the awareness of this choice that allows us to choose consistency and commitment, and to abandon those habits and practices that send us in a direction that is not based on love but on indifference.


Consistency, commitment, and choice are watchwords for a collective consciousness which must remind itself to remember that we are part of the Divine, and that our bodies in each minute portion of their structure are also part of the Divine, resonating with the energy which created them.  In the days to come we shall no longer need to be reminded, however, for the sense of the sacred is growing within our collective awareness, and shall grow even stronger so there is no physical structure that we see, feel, or interact with that is not perceived as part of God's sacred body - not the stars, not the planets, not the sun, not the Earth, not the trees, not the small creatures that are barely visible beneath our feet, not the microorganisms, not the macroorganisms. In that day we shall celebrate the sacred body of the Earth and shall include our own bodies as part of that celebration, for we shall recognize the Oneness of Divine life, One in spirit and One in matter forever more.

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