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Julie of Light Omega

Beloved Ones,

For as long as we measure success and accomplishment by the measure of our physical senses, we will see the value of our life in terms of what we have done, achieved, or created in a visible way, rather than in terms what we have brought to the Earth and to the consciousness of all through our being here.


Our being conveys as much to life as does our 'doing.' And yet because of our orientation toward viewing physical reality as all there is, we tend not to believe that our inner reality is producing as much of an effect on life as our outer, for better or worse.  This inner reality consists of thoughts and feelings that we are conscious of which we may strive to become more responsible for and more selective about as we grow spiritually.  It also consists of the thoughts and feelings that exist below the level of our conscious awareness and the energies that reside in our bodies themselves, in the cells and tissues that make up our organs and physical structure.  All of this is our 'inner reality.'


However, beyond thought and feeling our inner reality corresponds to the core light that we contain in our soul and the core values that we bring as a soul to the rest of life, values that inform our heart and create a sense of what we hold to be most important in life.  These values may be simple but deep, and in their depth they convey to the world their presence.


The qualities of our soul as they communicate with our heart establish the values that we hold most dear that are part of our being.  It is these values and the light of our being that participates in a network of consciousness and energy that is the network to which all human beings belong.  We cannot not participate in this network, for the virtue of being embodied and the very reason we took embodiment is both for our own learning as an individual being and for the contribution we are capable of making to life as a whole.


Beloved Ones, we are used to thinking of ourselves as small and insignificant and the world as very large and unaffected by our existence.  We picture ourselves as one person out of billions of inhabitants upon the Earth.  But this count by number is a count based on separation from others. It is based on the belief that we are one individual coming up against the rest in order to influence them, in order to influence this great mass of 'other.'  This is an incorrect picture, however.  For the rest of humanity is not outside us, not something we 'come up against.'  Rather, our inner reality and the inner reality of the rest of humanity interpenetrates each other at all times.  We share thought, energy, and consciousness at all times. As a result, we are always influencing the collective 'entity' of which we are all a part.  It is because of this fact of a unified whole that there is no separation between the 'one' that we are and the 'billions' that others are.


The interpenetration of thought and energy from body, mind, and emotion is both a comfort and a responsibility, for our significance to the welfare of the whole asks of us that what we share be based on a choice to uplift, to help, to enable others to live better, not to detract from their wellbeing.  Such a wish conforms to the desires of our deeper self and it demands of us greater self-knowledge so that we may choose to share from our deepest sense of values, values in communion with our deepest heart and soul.


The view of ourselves as insignificant  has no part to play in the consciousness of oneness, for in this consciousness all are significant and all are affecting each other all of the time, some with greater light and some with lesser, but each affecting the welfare of the whole.  Let this knowledge be a mandate, then, to claim our identity as Divine children of the One, to claim it and to allow it to inform our decisions, our plans, our thoughts, and the things we pay attention to in our daily life.  For we are beloved by the Universe and are part of that Universe at all times, and when we claim this truth, when we perceive ourselves to be significant in our interaction with all that we encounter, we become more able to act consciously and with the wisdom that lives within us for the benefit of ourselves and for the benefit of the Earth.



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