Becoming One with the One

by Julie of Light Omega

"Embracing the Divine – Becoming One with the One" describes an inner pathway toward oneness with the Divine that lives within all.  Its chapters are lenses through which the holy process of purification can be viewed, enabling an identity shift to one’s inner Divine core.  Such a shift takes place not just on the level of the mind, but within the body as well.  These chapters also hold as part of their central purpose, the integration of biblical truths that are thousands of years old, bringing their historical meaning into a new, expanded context and giving them new life. 

Many are already awakening to the understanding of the interconnectedness of life, yet for this to move from idea to living reality one must have an experience of the divine Presence within all.  There are various fears and doubts that can arise as this transition takes place, and these are addressed throughout the book in a way that makes them more intelligible and less frightening. 

The chapters of "Embracing the Divine" can be read sequentially or selectively as they resonate within one’s own inner being.  Each is a guide to a vaster universe and to the goal of life lived as a soul.   These chapters include: The Holy Process of Purification, The Mystery of Containment, The Gift of Life: Healing and Wholeness, The Power of Longing, The World of Possibility.   All are meant to guide the reader on a unique journey toward their own divine Self.

"Embracing the Divine" is available as an e-Book through the Light Omega Bookshop.

Blessings - Light Omega  



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