Transformation of the living Earth

Julie of Light Omega

In order to enter a new reality and leave behind the old, the structures of old habits must be placed in a small compartment so that they can be preserved for as long as  needed, but in a much more limited way. For the new demands a complete shift from us in terms of priorities and relationships with what existed before, and only those habits of thought and feeling that resonate with its emotional and mental energies will be able to adapt to the new and prove to be a viable way of living in a different world.

The sense of needing to let go of the familiar and move into unknown territory is, for many, the most difficult aspect of encountering a new reality, largely because the need for personal security and for a sense of one's own identity rests upon structures of the past interacting with other structures of the past that reside in others .  When reality changes in a significant way, these relationships are also altered.  Therefore, the anchorpoint for both a sense of safety and a sense of identity must be developed anew, much as if one were a child learning how to do things for the first time.

For as long as time proved to operate in a linear way, with new additions emerging out of past events and conditions, it was possible to predict how one might behave given unforeseen circumstances.  But where time itself no longer operates in this way, but instead makes a quantum leap into a different kind of reality, one that has not been seen before, then the past can no longer serve as a guide for the future and something other than this must become the basis for creating a feeling of safety.

What that something else might be depends upon the core values of the individual self and whether those values embody a comfort zone when relying upon the invisible Source of life. When unpredictable events can be held in the context of a relationship with an overlighting Intelligence that guides the transition into a new way of life, the comfort zone that can be re-established, even in the absence of the familiar, will be re-established more quickly.  In such cases, one will be eager to learn how to navigate under new circumstances and how to get one's bearings in all ways. 

But where the sense of relationship with an overlighting Intelligence is not available or is rejected, then a compensatory desire may arise in the presence of vastly changed conditions, to act as if they were not different, to reject them, or to diminish their sense of value.  This holding onto the old, even when it appears to be impossible to do so, is a result of an underlying and often unconscious state of fear that does not let the self adapt to new circumstances, using rationalizations and justifications for clinging to the illusion that it is still possible to live as one had in the past.

The need to perpetuate the illusion of being in control through acting as if the present were the past, is a stronger need for people who have not been able to, or who have felt afraid of confronting their inner fears in a deep way.  Some have used life as a stage in which to avoid self-confrontation, with substitutes being found in almost any circumstance that permitted a focus on external reality, rather than on inner reality. Others, have hidden their hearts away in a place so deeply buried, that even they cannot find it when they wish to.  In order to rectify this situation, exposure to the true center of feeling must become conscious again, so that the conscious self can participate in the decision to live and be present in the present time, with all that that involves.

The capacity to shift realities has already been prepared in many people who have, within this lifetime, had to undergo significant changes, letting go of many things that the heart, or part of it, had held onto, and attempting to gracefully walk into an unknown future.  Many have had to face this process of letting go, and it is a deep and profound preparation for living in a new world.  What is most important about the possibility for successfully making the transition to the new and unfamiliar is the sense that one's essential being remains the same, that love remains the same, and that the formation of new ways of being will be based on that love that will become the single, indestructible bond that forms the foundation for a new society and for a new way of life.



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