One world, one Heart

Julie of Light Omega

Beloved Ones,

It is time to let go of the idea that anything is solid that we see, to understand that all is energy and that all is communicating with everything else.  Every living thing (and even inorganic things to a lesser degree) is made of living, breathing energy,  and this energy is having an effect on all around it.  It is interacting with all around it, whether visibly or not.


This is even more true of energies that are produced, or held, or emitted by human beings.  These energies are more powerful, for the intentionality of the embodied being has a direct effect on the passage of the energy, the way in which it moves, the direction it goes in.  Holding this perspective, it is easy to see why each one must become more responsible for the energies they carry and the energies they radiate, since all energy has an effect on the entire universe, and specifically on the environment in which it is produced.


The energy of sound is a powerful force in creating consequences along an energetic network of interacting pathways, and this is quite apart from the specific content of what may be said or spoken.  Similarly, the energy of thought interacts with the thought-energies of others, resonating and amplifying the thoughts of others, or contrasting with those thoughts.  For those who desire to help heal the world, it becomes necessary to not only monitor what is spoken to others, but also the thoughts that one thinks, for these, too, have a profound effect on the consciousness that receives them.


The energetic impact of each living, breathing organism is great because each is part of a vast network of vibrating energy.  This would be similar to a symphonic orchestration whose overall sound and tonality is produced by the integrative force and content of the whole.  There is no possibility of not having an impact on this network, since as long as one is alive within physical form, it automatically places one within what is  a vibrating whole.


It is for this reason, beloved ones, that each must learn to take fuller responsibility for the energetic impact they are having, and to know that it is a responsibility to God and to life.  Being silent also is an energy – sometimes the energy of withdrawal, sometimes the energy of love, sometimes the energy of fear or anxiety.  One cannot be unresponsive to life or others, since non-response is also a powerful communicator.


There are fears that some may have concerning becoming so responsible in this way – fears of not being able to manage thoughts or feelings one would rather not have, fears of not being able to know what energies are being produced, fears of not being good enough.  Such fears are understandable as part of the healing of the separation between the personality-self and the soul-self.  Yet this healing proceeds along the lines of consciousness, and whatever one can do to promote greater integration is useful in all cases.  In all cases, greater integration takes place as greater responsibility for awareness is taken.


Blessed is this time of awakening, beloved ones, to the presence of energy everywhere, and to the growing presence of consciousness that can hold it, direct it, bless it, and give it forth, in order to participate in the great healing of the Earth that is now taking place.


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