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TEACHING THE HEART TO SING - A Guide to Shifting Consciousness at the Dawn of a New Age A message of hope and light from the Realms of Light regarding the future of the planet and of each embodied soul who lives upon it.  This is a message of love for those here at this time - a time of the fulfillment of much that has been awaited.


EMBRACING THE DIVINE - Becoming One with the One. The sacred passage of purification and transformation into unity with all of life is described, including the process of letting go.  Each chapter links ancient biblical truths with a new interpretation based on the evolutionary step forward being taken at this time. 



LIVING AS A SOUL. Embracing all the paths that can be embraced of living as a soul upon the Earth, from an understanding of radiance and energy to the commitment to living with integrity and compassion toward others.


FROM LIGHT TO LIGHT - The Purification Process.  An intimate practical and conceptual approach to understanding the purification process.  This is a book about energy and how it works in the transformation of individuals, relationships, and the planet as a whole. 24 drawings are included for further clarification.


INVISIBLE SUNRISE - The Awakening of a PlanetThe transformation of the Earth into a planet of light through the establishment of 'pillars of consciousness' and through the awakening of new ways of knowing through intuition and through the heart.



BETWEEN PARENTS and CILDREN - Understanding the spiritual needs and capacities of children as they grow is an important step in allowing the wisdom and love to come forth that can support each child in their own unique journey of growth and self-discovery.



THE CALENDAR OF LIGHT - Transformation into the Light of the Soul - Describes the path of transformation from outer-self identification to identification with one's inner Divine being. Both a metaphysical narrative about light and a spiritual workbook with multiple exercises for daily life.



STEPPING STONES TO AWARENESS - A gift from the great Ocean - Daily calendar designed to focus awareness on the underpinnings of the purification process and the movement toward a consciousness of oneness.  Each day's offering involves a discussion of the thought for the day and suggests a 'step' that applies it within everyday life.



CALENDAR OF 100 DAYS - Seeds of Light for Daily Meditation - offers a foundation for maintaining a spiritual perspective throughout each of one-hundred days, creating a sense of support and of light as you move through the varied events of the day.




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