The Purification Process

by Julie of Light Omega

Beloved Ones,

"From Light to Light" is an intimate and detailed guide to the process of purification.  Its purpose is twofold: to bring consciousness to the next stage of its development in relation to an understanding of the sacred reality in which all live, and to act as a wayshower through the process of purification that many are already undergoing and that many more will have an experience of as light on the Earth intensifies.

Much has transpired in the last half-century in relation to a deeper understanding of the human psyche.  And yet much remains shrouded in mystery that has to do with an awareness of the nature and purpose of emotions, the influence of light and dark energies upon these, the way of separating from one's own mental process through anchoring in the heart, the need to withdraw projections from others and to let go of all perceptual filters that distort reality.  In addition, and as the foundation for all discovery that takes place during purification, is the presence of Divine light which is instrumental in both initiating the process and maintaining it. "From Light to Light" was written to further expand awareness in all of these areas. It endeavors to show the way, through releasing of the past, to remain anchored in light no matter what the circumstances that life may present and no matter what internal conditions one may be dealing with. 

"From Light to Light" is available now through the Light Omega Bookshop as a PDF e-Book of approximately 200 pages.  It contains twenty-four drawings to help guide one through the process and chapters that include:

Basic Concepts in Purification

Light and Darkness

Physical Purification: The Sacred Consciousness of Food

Love and Commitment

A Vision of the Earth

May your journey be blessed - Light Omega  



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