One world, one Heart

Julie of Light Omega

Just as there is within each individual a heart that is both a moral compass and a source of wisdom and love, so, too, is there a heart within the collective consciousness of humanity that beats to the rhythm of its own sense of purpose and of life. 

This universal heart is composed of all of the individual hearts that form its cellular and energetic structure.  Yet, it is more than this.  For incorporated within its very core lie the principles that were seeded into human consciousness at the very start of the Earth's evolution, when souls first began to populate the planetary sphere.  At that time, individualized consciousness was not what it is today.  At that time, the sense of human purpose, of the value of life and of respect and reverence for the Creator, still powerfully operated as what remained from the higher realms that transferred onto the human experience.

Slowly but surely over the millennia, as the reality of living within a world of form took hold and the consciousness of self as separate from all others became an inevitable 'fact' rather than a perceptual illusion, the collective heart of humanity also underwent a change which corresponded to this shift.  Instead of beating with universal love for all of life upon a planet that had been given to it as gift, the collective heart of humanity began to beat also with a sense of fear, brought into being by a feeling of vulnerability and aloneness, and the sense that life itself could be in jeopardy.  Such fear had never existed before.  It came into being as a result of the perception of duality.

The collective heart of humanity remains emblazoned, today, with its original moral and spiritual integrity, yet is covered over by the fear that has arisen and become 'natural' to human consciousness.  It is also influenced by the other attributes that derive from this fear such as the desire for power, superiority, and the need to subjugate others.  These things were not originally part of human consciousness.  They became so because of the growth of a sense of separation and isolation.

Just as energy moves freely within the planetary body and among all beings who inhabit the Earth's sphere, so too do emotions move freely within the collective heart of humanity, and what is felt by one or several has an impact on the entire group.  As each human consciousness, therefore, begins to transform in the direction of pursuing a life based on love and oneness, however fragile this pursuit may be at first, it nevertheless has an impact on the collective.  As a result of each individual's transformation, the heart of humanity begins to regain what it had lost, namely, the truth of its oneness with all of life. 

Such a transformation in the direction of truth is brought about both by the spiritual evolution of human consciousness through time, and also through the infusion of new currents of energy into the spiritual and emotional body of the planet.  The latter, occurring according to a Divine timetable, allows the energies of love and light to be felt more directly and to have a greater impact on human behavior and experience.  Such an infusion occurred in a massive way at the time of the birth of Christianity two thousand years ago, and it is occurring now as the new light of the sacred infuses the physical plane once again.

Because every element within the collective heart influences every other, each person exerts a powerful effect on the whole and is also greatly influenced by the whole.  It is for this reason that one's own heart needs to be safeguarded so that its impulses and feelings are reflective of the light and love that are its essential nature, and not of the fear it has acquired. When a sufficient number of hearts have gravitated toward the light in this way, restoring their original purity, the heart of humanity will also return to its original state of purity and love, and the fear that has so much affected human experience will no longer be an influencing factor.  Though this development has not taken hold yet, it is on its way.

May all who inhabit the Earth at this time come to recognize their participation in the collective heart of humanity which beats with the life-breath given to it by its Creator. And may this heart realize the promised transformation into greater light and love that has been heralded since the beginning of time, that is its promised fulfillment and destiny.


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