Matter and Spirit becoming One



Julie of Light Omega

Unbeknownst to the conscious mind of man, there lies within each, an implantation of another reality that is the reality of the ascended man, the one who has been able to blend his consciousness with that of the higher dimensions of light.  This resonance and its capacity to vibrate with the energy of universal and unconditional love will bring into being the 'Heavenly Jerusalem', which will not be a city as much as a state of consciousness and an awareness of being.  Such will be the quality of life and consciousness within this plane that those who exist there will experience no want, and will know only peace and harmony in all respects.

The transition to the state of consciousness known as the 'Heavenly Jerusalem' is not something that can be achieved by human effort alone.  It depends primarily  upon the absorption of the higher frequencies of light into a vehicle or vessel that is capable of resonating with these. A light of sufficient intensity must be present and must fuse with physical matter in such a way as to permit a direct translation of the human embodied self into the higher spheres of matter and vibration.  To put it differently, the physical body that we recognize today will no longer be constructed in the same way in the time to come.  It will be more light than matter, and more capable of receiving and merging with the higher energies of light than is possible at the present time.  The infusion of physical matter with these higher energies will develop within each embodiment a new consciousness, and this consciousness will be at one and the same time a consciousness of physical reality, and a consciousness of the eternal. 

The capacity to live in this dual way will create within human experience a sense of life that has heretofore been known only to angels and to those who live within the higher realms of life.  And yet this life will take place upon an earth that also has been transformed into a vibrating pulse of physical and non-physical light.  This merging and unification of the physical and the spiritual will institute within human experience a transformed perception of the world and of life, and many who are present during this ascended time, will find themselves living in multiple realities, able to move in a smooth and harmonious way between dimensions.

To achieve the manifestation of this heavenly city of consciousness is the great feat of expansion and completion for which the earth has been preparing during her entire history, and for which each of her inhabitants has also incarnated and moved through the evolutionary process.  It is the ultimate joining of the physical and the spiritual that will erase duality, and bring to each consciousness the indelible knowledge of the unity of all within One consciousness – a knowledge that will be experiential and tangible rather than conceptual or theoretical.

Over and over, the sound of praise shall pour forth from the human heart and from the walls of the city themselves, so that every cell that exists will vibrate with gratitude for life, and every cell that exists will be conscious of its existence and filled with the radiance of vibrant life.  Those who are present in that time will be blessed and will receive the fruits of the earth's ultimate expression as a planetary being – her love and union with the souls of all in the presence of God and of the eternal.




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