Burst into singing all ye lands,

for the time of awakening is here.

Julie of Light Omega

"I Am the Lord of Hosts.  Thou shalt have no other god before Me."


The Soul's response: Thy name is holy.  Thy Presence is holy.  All that Thou touchest is holy. Blessed is the One Life that lives within all, for this Life shall reveal all things, shall declare all things, and shall cause the mountains, themselves, to rejoice.




"I Am the beginning and the end of all things, and beyond the end, I Am.  The leaves of the trees shall whisper of hope and new beginnings, the leaves and flowers, the buds of the vine shall speak of My name to each other and to the air.  All that lives and moves shall know of my Being."




'I Am' is holy.  'I Am' is the everlasting Presence of the  Divine making itself known now. 'I Am' shall make itself known to all, as all.




Let the sound of singing go forth from thy lips.  Let thy heart be glad.  For the time of remembrance is here, and all of life shall rejoice.




All that is shall become a footstool for the Lord of Hosts, for all that is within physical reality is but a small portion of all that is.




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