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Julie of Light Omega

There are many things that the human imagination has not been entirely able to  conceive of, because of the continued limitations in its perception of spiritual reality.  However, the veils that cover the fullness of truth are lifting now, and will, in the future, permit the view of a world in which hope becomes the bountiful expression of a sacred world – a world in which the needs of the self and the fulfilling response of reality are far more related to each other than they have been throughout the phase of human history that is now ending.

The reason for this change is the constellation of factors that create a greater resonance between the vibration of the human spirit and the light that it carries, and the vibration of physical matter and its capacity to carry light, and therefore hope.  For the relationship of the physical world to the world of need, intention, wish, and desire is not a fixed one, but one that is permeable to the influence of light-energies that can affect the interaction of man and the cosmos, or, more specifically, of human consciousness and the response of the physical world.

In the times ahead, the nature of hope will be perceived to be related to the force of light and to the principles of light as these begin to express more fully on the physical plane.  This transition will create a need within each individual consciousness to become far more aware of, and responsible for, the thought process that it carries, for each thought will have a much greater power to alter reality in ways that correspond to the energy it contains, and so what one holds in awareness, or intends, or desires, will have much more of an effect on the response of the environment than has been the case heretofore.

In addition, the feeling of deprivation and all the associated elements of emotion that are related to this, including: depression, anger, envy, greed, and a host of other more subtle attitudinal factors, will all be affected by the new relationship of consciousness to reality.  For if deprivation is no longer an abiding influence in consciousness, but rather is replaced with a sense that all needs will be met, then these other emotions which have characterized so much of human history will have little reality and little reason for being.  In a sense, they will have outlived their usefulness as substitute ways of trying to achieve what one desired.

The primary difference in the world that is to come is the way in which light-energies operate.  These will operate with much greater intensity and permeate the new relationship of man to the physical world and to the world of non-human life.  They will communicate with obvious truth, the understanding that 'all needs will be met'.  This change in consciousness alone will affect all else, allowing individuals to trust the outpicturing of reality to bring what is needed and, as a result, to experience waiting with patience and confidence.  Such a shift will be based on the understanding that it is a matter of thinking and intending something with clarity and vision that will allow it to manifest in external reality.

The basis for hope, therefore, will be completely altered in the world that is to come.  It will be, in many respects, a world of boundless hope, based on trust in the Divine provision of what is needed and the ability to share in the co-creation of what will be.  This relationship will ultimately transform everything in the human character and perception that is less than trusting and less than hopeful, for it will be seen that there is no longer a reason to assume a different attitude other than one of trust, and there is no longer a need to feel sorrow about things that cannot be changed. 

Although sadness will still exist because it is intimately tied to love and to love's expression on the human level - a level in which physical separation through death is still part of life - this sadness, to the extent that it is evoked by particular life-circumstances, will be completely held within the embrace of confidence in the Universe of provision, both for those who are embodied, and for those who have departed from physical life.  This embrace of confidence will be the way of being in life, for the time of deprivation and perceived helplessness will be at an end.


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