Transformation of the living Earth


Julie of Light Omega


A new consciousness is emerging on the Earth, allowing the heart and mind to open to a sense of oneness with all of life, not as a moral edict, but as a direct relationship with life itself. 

Each step that is taken by the embodied soul toward the recognition of this oneness is a step toward the horizon of expanding consciousness.

Each opening of the heart that perceives a loving relationship with other life-forms, simply because they are alive, is an opening to the greater truth of what IS.

The heart may awaken before the mind, heralding the presence of new beginnings and perceptions, new attitudes of caring and generosity.  Indeed, it may awaken well before the mind locates a rational explanation for such motivations, and even while it remains cautious and self-protective, finding comfort in restricting its own sphere of interest and caring.  Nevertheless, the heart may follow its own separate course, extending outward in ways that were not part of its former movement.

The desire for joining in love is the keynote of the  arriving consciousness. Such joining is not based on a moral imperative or doctrine concerning what one 'should' do or be. Rather, it is based on the simple and natural opening of the heart to life itself.   This blossoming, concealed within the folds of more superficial truth for eons of time, emerges from behind the concealment to create new perceptions:

- an affinity with the suffering of others,

- a sense of unity of purpose within the self,

- a sense of hope for the future. 

It establishes the foundation for a world in which all are perceived as part of a greater Whole.

Perceptions of the approaching horizon are as varied as each individual is from every other.  The precise color, texture, and sound of the call to awaken is determined by those deeply held qualities of soul that lie within the human breast, ready to stir as the light of a new day dawns more fully.  And yet there are commonalities.

There is the common desire to relieve the suffering of all.

There is a distaste for violence, war, and conflict, all of which appear to have outlived their usefulness.

There is the desire for a redistribution of wealth and power so that there are not those who are left out of the vast sweep of forward movement and growth, while at the other end of the spectrum, a select few prosper.

Above all, there is the feeling of harmony and love, based on the deepening sense that the self and the world are one.

There can be no union in love without the soul having an experience of its own light – a light not perceived from afar or in a state of deep meditation, but as part of ordinary daily experience. 

It is the union of physical experience with spiritual experience, of  matter and spirit, that permits the daily perceptions of life to begin to transcend the states of separation that they have historically carried.

As the horizon moves closer and the conscious soul moves closer to it, all disappears in the radiance of light expanding, and what has remained separate and apart, furtively hiding so that its source and motivation could not be known, now becomes available to consciousness for the first time, making healing possible.

Blessed is this time of awakening.  Its essence is what it has always been – recognition of the oneness of the One, expressing in many forms.  And yet its discovery is the stepping stone to a new way of life for mankind, and a new and sacred society for the people of the Earth.




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