Ancient teachings for a new day


  Seeds of Light for Daily Meditation

All of life is sacred. There is nothing that is ordinary.

Let this perspective be born within you


Dear Beloved Ones,

Welcome to the Calendar of 100 Days, offering seed-thoughts for a daily practice of transforming consciousness into a sacred perspective.

These thoughts may be used to both anchor a daily meditation practice and to raise the perception of ordinary life to a new level of soul awareness. The Calendar offers a foundation for maintaining a spiritual perspective throughout each of one-hundred days, creating a sense of support and of light as you move through the varied events of the day.

The best way to benefit from the messages is to sit with them for several minutes each day, preferably at the same time, and let both the content and the vibration fill you. Breathe quietly, and allow the words to move through you with your breath.   Doing this will allow you to maximally benefit from the content and vibration of light that each message carries, infusing heart, mind, and body.

Here are a few of the daily meditations:



Day 4: Darkness is not the absence of Light but the cover for it.

When you feel only darkness or pain or see it in another, look beneath this. There is light there in the soul.

Day 7: Surrender is an act of love.

Surrender is not an act of obedience. It is the willing laying down of arms and armor before the Beloved.

Day 28: Today, realize the gifts you are bringing to the world. Give them freely, no matter what the response.

To give to others when you are appreciated involves a little skill; to give to others when you are denied is an act of greatness.

Once you sign up, the Calendar of 100 Days welcome message will appear onscreen followed almost immediately by an e-mailed request for confirmation of your subscription.  Please watch for it.  When you click on the link provided, your subscription will be complete and you will receive the first e-mailed message of the Calendar – an Introductory Meditation that will help you prepare for the rest of the series.

Blessings, beloved ones, on this new beginning.  May the awakening that has already begun bring you home.


Julie of Light Omega


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