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Prayer:  Show me how to come into relationship with the Living Earth that I may receive her gifts of food with reverence and gratitude and that in each moment of eating what the Living Earth provides I may feel my sacred relationship with her. 

1.  Let go of preconceived ideas of how to feed your body and give to your body what it needs and is asking for.  This must be distinguished from 'wants' based on habit or on emotional patterns that are less of the body than of the mind.


Stay away from health, diet, fitness, or weight loss gurus who can know what is 'health-ful' in general but not necessarily for you.


Your body will come into a balanced, optimal relationship with food if it is given time to do so and if it remains free of processed foods of all kinds which contain elements that are not natural to the body.  This most especially includes sugars which blanket the body's knowing of what it needs.


Let go of all 'how to' books and begin to listen.  Listening to your own body is the most important first step in developing a sacred relationship with food. 


In order to find out what the body is asking for, foods may be eaten raw or lightly cooked, one at a time, so that the unique experience of tasting can indicate to the mind and body what food is most desired.  Simplify eating.  Learn to taste what is given.  Learn from eating simply, one thing at a time.


2. What is essential to the body at a given moment in time will make itself known through the Law of Attraction - like resonating with like.  The food that the body needs will appeal to the senses and to the understanding as most desirable.  Again, this resonance can become blanketed or hidden when processed foods or foods high in sugar are eaten since these create an addictive pattern of their own.


3. Do not be afraid of departing from the ways of the past, for the past cannot support the new light body that is emerging out of the denser physical matter that the body once was.  This new light body has needs and requirements of its own that cannot be defined by any previous calculations or measurements of what the body needs.  Each person is unique in this regard, although there are some common features.  Each must learn to listen to the sacred voice of the body and to feel the sacred presence of the Living Earth that provides the nourishment.  This is how one comes into sacred relationship with food.


4.  A new vocabulary of taste needs to develop that goes beyond sweet, sour, spicy,, salty. This new vocabulary will permit the senses to recognize what is good for the body and what is less useful and less desirable.  The vocabulary of taste needs to include the feeling of 'aliveness' concerning the food itself, how alive it feels and how much it enlivens the cells of the body.  This measure of 'aliveness' becomes the organic basis for developing a sacred relationship with food, for the aliveness of the food reflects and is part of the aliveness of the Living Earth which created it and offers it as gift.  The body that is becoming light recognizes 'aliveness' and can use this as a measure of affinity in relation to that which is desirable.


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