Yantra - Sacred symbol joining the human and Divine

Intersecting triangles - the descent of the Divine

and the ascent of the human

Julie Redstone

The future of the Earth is a sacred future, built on a new recognition of mankind’s relationship with God and with his own deeper nature. Such recognition generates a deep understanding of the sacredness of life and of each and every soul. 

Today we are in transition. Yet, one day embracing the sacred will no longer be a decision that needs to be made. Rather, it will be a state of being, emerging as naturally and inevitably out of one's existence on the earth as does the mobility of our fingers emerge out of the awareness of having a hand.  It will be the perception of life that is most real, because reality itself will have changed at that time. 

For the moment, however, we are still in transition, and so the reminders and historical signs are useful as helpers along the way.  They have been sprinkled in profound ways throughout history and stand as monuments to both the great achievements of civilization and also to the sacred thoughts and aspirations of those who have pursued the sacred with a whole heart.

The pages in this section are forms of expression of the desire for the sacred. They are both historical and contemporary, and reflect the steps that may be taken on a profound journey.

The Message of the Sphinx concerns humanity's future: the triumph made possible by love of the higher self over the lower; of the human, spiritually-driven self over the instinctual, need-based self; and of the Divinely-led and inspired self over the self that is closer to the animal kingdom.  This is the reason for the human head on top of the lion's body: what is most human within us ascends out of animality and instinct in order to follow the path of the Sun - the physical emanation of the higher Light.  

Purification is a process that makes the old person new.  It is at the center of the changes taking place on the earth today both for individuals and for the earth as a whole.  Purification takes place not primarily through one’s own effort, but through the fulfillment of God's promise to make "darkness light before them, and crooked things straight."  When the heart seeks God and purity, it causes  light to shine more fully within the human being, illuminating an inner path that points toward light and truth.

The Psalms of David are Songs to God.  They reflect pain, joy, fear, the desire for comfort - the whole range of human emotion.  In addition to this, they express the longing and loving of a heart that seeks to know God in the most intimate way. The Songs of David call us to remember the partnership with God that is the essence of the purification process.

To be a 'holy people' does not belong to any one religion, denomination, or belief.  It is the desire to love and serve God by whatever name God is called that makes for a holy people.  To be holy is to participate in God's Covenant by determining to live a sacred life.  This is expressed as a commitment to  place God at the center of life, above and beyond all other values. 

Sacred Relationships are based on devotion. They are based on seeing God in Creation and wanting to love and serve all of life. The desire to support, heal, love, and uphold others because they are part of God is what lies at the root of a sacred relationship.  In making this transition to the sacred, we acknowledge our willingness to change the way we think of ‘personal’ relationships or ‘social’ relationships.  Now, all relationships must be held in God, and all must hold  the truth of our deeper identity at the center.

Prayer and the Covenant  -  To love God with the totality of one's being - body, heart, mind, and soul - is to put into practice the sacred and eternal Covenant made with each soul.  This eternal Covenant has been expressed as both the historical Covenant of Sinai made with the Hebrew people, and the New Covenant of Christianity which Jesus embodied and brought to the world.  To practice it is to live it, to live in it, and to seek to establish it upon the earth.

The Path of Redemption  -  The Path of Redemption is about the journey home and the history of man's movement toward and away from the principles of leading a sacred life.  It is based on the 'seed of truth' that lives within each human heart, pointing the way home. 

The Glory of the Light  -  This is a message of hope and encouragment from the One regarding the new day we are in, and the possibilities now present for a deepening relationship with the holy, based on the Divine Presence dwelling on the earth.

The Nature of Unconditional Love  -  Unconditional love lives as the Divine core within every human heart, yet must be awakened as a living reality before it can exist as a vibration and be transmitted to others.  The awakening of such love is based on the spiritual gravitation of the human heart toward the Heart of hearts that is God's.

Each of the other aritcles in this section adds to the fundamental and profound understanding of what it means to live from one's Divine essence and core, and what it means to live a sacred life.  The duality of life that most have lived with in the modern age will, with the increase of light upon the earth, become a single life with God at the center, allowing each one who wishes to, to recognize and affirm their deeper identity throughout each day and within every aspect of 'ordinary' life.  This is God's promise to mankind, the promise of the Covenant, and so it shall be.


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