I am my inner being, permanent, light-filled,

and everlasting.



Julie of Light Omega

Beloved Ones,

Often unknown to the outer self is the fact that consciousness exists in layers.  There is the awareness that belongs to the everyday mind with its problems and concerns, and there is the awareness that belongs to a deeper part of the self that does not exist within time.  This deeper part of the self is one’s inner being.  It is timeless, connected with the Divine which it is part of, and it can be the source of tranquility, assurance, and strength, even when the outer self may be in turmoil.


It is most important, beloved ones, to know that the outer self which is the mental-emotional being, is not the deeper self, nor is it the most real or lasting part of the self.  The deeper self is the self created by God in purity and wholeness.  It has been with you forever and is who you are at your core.


To experience your inner being, it is first necessary that you have an intention to do so and that you believe it is possible.  If the longing is there, and especially at this time of expanding light, you may seek to separate yourself from thoughts and feelings in the way described below.  This process is greatly aided by the light that you hold in your body, and therefore your sacred body can become the vehicle which takes you more easily into this deeper place.


“I am not the thoughts or feelings passing through me.

I am my inner being, permanent, light-filled, and everlasting.”


This affirmation can help separate you from the currents of emotional and mental turmoil that may be present, and enable a reaching beyond these.  Asking for Divine help from God and from the Realms of Light is also important since the energy of the higher vibration can help to reinforce the movement toward your inner being and create a separation from immersion in your outer self identity.


Beloved ones, your inner being can be a calm lake in the midst of a storm.  It can create a sense of being upheld from within, even in the presence of fear. It can enable you to experience joy, even in difficult times.


“I am not the thoughts or feelings passing through me.  I am my inner being…” is an effective affirmation that can focus one’s awareness in a way that will allow greater strength, hope, and new energy to enter even a very difficult situation.  In addition, it can create an identity shift of great importance, bringing to one’s outer self awareness the truth of spiritual reality, even when circumstances seem to say that only physical reality exists.  This is never true.


Breathe into your heart and allow yourself to repeat “I am my inner being.  Beyond all thought and feeling, I am.”  Let this resonate within you on a minute by minute, hourly, and daily basis, more often at times of need.  Let it become the foundation for a new way of being in the world. Blessings.


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