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King David Singing to God

King David singing to God


Faithfulness is more than an attitude or a state of mind.  It is that, but it is also an energy that creates a rootedness of light on the physical plane.  The attitude of faithfulness to God and to what the heart perceives God to be asking of the self can be carried forward over years and lifetimes.  Often, one does not even know that one is being faithful, one just perseveres in remaining true to an underlying belief and trust that is being held at times consciously, at times not.

Faithfulness is a manifestation of the soul's Covenant with God - the observance of the first commandment to love God with "all one's heart, one's soul, and one's might."  It allows for great misfortune and even tragedy to be endured without the heart turning away from the Divine.  This steadfastness can remain even when great loss takes place, even when great pain takes place.  Then, faithfulness is sorely tested, but often the heart remains firm without the mind knowing how or why.

Faitfulness as an energy is based on devotion to God's purposes without knowing what these purposes are, and yet knowing that whatever they are, they are good.  It is a matter of bringing forth roots of light that by descending into one's physical embodiment, also descend into the Earth itself, thereby transforming all of life.

Those who remain faithful, especially at times of hardship, are souls whose inner life is committed to serving a spiritual ideal, whether the mind recognizes this ideal or not.  They are souls who have come here to serve, and a significant aspect of that service is through remaining faithful.


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