The Heart of God is calling us today

to awaken, to love, to heal

Julie of light Omega

The presence of God's love, has, throughout time, been the agent of healing for all manner of illnesses, conditions, and interior difficulties.  Whether the current of love was called by this name or not, its power to reverse conditions that seemed irreversible, and to dissolve conditions that seemed solid and impenetrable, is a testimony to the power of an energy of sufficient strength to bring Creation into being.  This same love operates throughout space and time to create the miracles of healing that we know about, and the many that we do not know about.

The force of Divine love is descending, today, from the higher realms into the planes of time and space as part of the inflow of greater light.  As a result, all manner of changes will result - both the purging of blocked passages that human beings and society as a whole have contained, and also the elimination from both body and consciousness of those things that individual souls have held within themselves that have been unresponsive to healing efforts in the past. 

Many souls carry ancient scars within themselves that have been waiting for healing. In the course of time, they have accumulated wounds of various kinds that arise out of human experience, some affecting the heart and mind, and some affecting the soul itself which carries the imprint of deeply felt pain. When it happens that a profound loss or trauma occurs which the heart and mind cannot absorb nor the soul release, then that trauma or wound may be carried from lifetime to lifetime, waiting for the time when its release will finally become possible. 

Sometimes, when similar conditions to those in which the wounding occurred are able to repeat themselves with a more loving outcome, it can happen that the heart and soul may finally be soothed and healed.  However, it also happens, at times, that conditions cannot readily be repeated due to the singular nature of their initial occurrence, and so the one who bears the soul-imprint of trauma must wait longer for a great enough love and light to be felt so that the soul can finally be set free from the wound it is carrying.

In order to do this, love of a powerful nature is needed – of a kind that can heal all wounds, bind up all that is broken, and restore and make new that which has felt lost or abandoned.  These are the essential properties of Divine love – a love that is more than the human emotion that derives from it.  Indeed, such love is a force that can heal anything, and within its embrace, all that is not love must melt away and disappear. 

Those who have been in the presence of such a force, even for a moment, know the power it contains to alter all pre-existing inner circumstances.  Yet, for true and permanent healing to occur, the experience of such love must be contained within body, heart, and mind, rather than be allowed to slip away as conditions of mistrust, self-hatred, or doubt take over.  Where these tendencies are strong, the inner work must be done to free the psyche from the corrupting influence of such emotions. However, where pain has been carried for a long time, it is sometimes difficult to accomplish this inner work, and it takes love of a particularly strong kind to overcome the inner deficiencies which were not able to be dissolved by the particular efforts toward healing.  

Today and tomorrow, healing through love is being made more possible by the great influx of light descending from the higher planes to the lower.  This light is in the air we breathe, in the earth we walk upon, and is present more abundantly in every other soul.  As light increases upon the earth, so too, will the presence of Divine love increase, until it has done away with those aspects of darkness that seek to minimize its presence. 

We may ask why this is happening now, and the answer is that it is time for it to happen, for it has been so ordained by Divine intention. It is time for the power of redemption through love to be revealed.  The love that heals may come silently and invisibly at first, only making itself truly known when its maximum effects have been achieved.  Yet, even in silence and under cover of other energies that may temporarily mask it, Divine love will become an agent and force for healing that will liberate mankind from the darkness it has carried and change the face of human life forever.  May it be so.  Amen.


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