All that is resonates as One.


Julie of Light Omega

Within you lives a heart of Truth, connected with your deepest self and with the knowledge and wisdom that comes from the divine Oneness.  This heart of Truth is of your soul, and yet can be transmitted to the conscious, living and acting outer self that you also are.  Accessibility to this inner truth is greater today because the body has increasingly become a sacred bridge of light, allowing each one to feel infused by the wisdom of their higher self in ways that were not possible before.


When questions arise that relate to your daily life, there is therefore, now, a place within to turn to that has a deeper knowing and a surer answer to these questions.  One must believe in this place.  One must seek it.  Your soul knows things that your mind does not.  The depths of your heart knows things that your emotional self does not.  It is a matter of asking.  It is a matter of knowing that you contain this heart of Truth.


In previous times, access was not so available.  In previous times, the body could not function as a bridge of light nor could the intuition, for most, translate the messages of the higher self to the mind’s awareness.  Yet, that day is no more.  All embodied beings have greater access now to their inner truth and therefore can be guided more easily from within. For this is the time of unifying and of integration, and you are here, living in this sacred moment, able to receive gifts that are no longer hidden and knowledge that has always been part of you.


You may feel that your larger self is still not readily available to you.  You may feel that you have limited access. There are a number of reasons that this may be so, and none of them should involve self-blame or recriminations. 


There is the action of oppositional forces that may influence consciousness to keep one’s self-perception small.  There is the fear of becoming larger because such largeness is unfamiliar.  There is a perception that can arise out of self-doubt, creating the belief that one cannot possibly be that larger self.  And, there are the emotional currents which, when strong, can obscure the light and wisdom of the larger self. 


All of these factors influence one’s access to inner truth.  Yet, all obstacles or limitations are also paths of learning.  They are all paths of becoming.


The heart of Truth within you is a guide from the divine Oneness that can show you how to live a sacred life, a light-filled life.  This is the inner Teacher that has been with you forever that knows the truth that your outer self may not be ready or willing to face.  This Teacher can help you to see, and know, and feel, what you may have been afraid to see, or unable to know.


Therefore, beloved, pray to connect with this Teacher of Truth within you.  Ask to feel the wisdom that lives at your core.  Know that this wisdom is of God, and that you carry it within yourself as part of your Divine being.  Ask to be healed of all that prevents you from touching your deep inner knowing.


No matter what your conscious mind is presently aware of, your consciousness, which is larger than your mind, has already begun to feel the imprint of your deeper self.  It has already begun to sense the truth within. This is because all separations are vanishing, now, in the greater light of God. 


Blessed is this time on Earth and the bridge of light that has been created.  May all come to know their participation in this Divine unfoldment.  May all come to live within the sacred Oneness.



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